For the Frist Time

It seems that everywhere I go recently, the only question I am asked is, “Are you excited?  Are you getting ready?”  My standard answer is, “I think so!  Every day I do at least one thing so that I feel like I am making progress.”  The list making is easy, and I’m getting pretty good at checking things off of that list–buy Advil, gather school records, create a blog, call the dentist, teach Chris how to use the computer to pay the bills, etc.  What I have yet to do is really think about what it means to be gone from my friends and family for a year.  Until today.  This morning I was in a cycling class at the gym.  The music was loud, the room was dark, and I was focusing on the effort it took to make the pedals go around.  I was lost in what I was doing, when out of nowhere, a thought entered my head. “I don’t know if I am going to get to spend more time with my mom before I leave.”  And  I felt, for the first time, what it will mean to be gone for a year.

I’m not naive, and I’ve had conversations with the kids about how hard it will be to leave and how we will shed many tears before we go. But until 6:10 this morning, I hadn’t felt the reality of that.  I hope that over the next six weeks (six weeks from today, as a matter of fact) I can spend quality time with as many of you as I can.   When we are away, I don’t doubt that we’ll be missed, but I know that we’ll miss all of you a lot more.

Leaving America Behind

July 12, 2012 is approaching quickly.  Just look at the calendar on the right.  I can’t believe that something I have wanted to do for the past 20 years is finally going to happen.  I am taking my children to live in Greece for one year.  We are going to live on the island of Ikaria, which is in the Agean Sea, east of Athens and very close to Turkey.  It’s the island of both my paternal grandfather and grandmother.  My father was born there and came to America when he was 6 years old.  We are going to spend the year connecting to our heritage, learning to live a simpler life.

I’m not much of a writer, nor right now do I have much time to write.  However, I wanted to begin this blog so that I will have a way to connect with my family and friends when we are separated by over 5000 miles.  I will try to explain why we have chosen to take this adventure, what we hope to gain, and why my blog is called, “No Gas ‘Til Tuesday.”  I hope to share the story of my father’s journey to America as well as all of the reasons I felt that living in Greece was a goal of mine.  I am confident that over the year I will have many humorous stories to share because nothing is done in Greece the way it is in America.