Around Karavostamo

As I meet people on the island, and they hear that I am staying here for a year with the kids, they always say the same thing.  “All year?  Even in the winter?”  They have me a bit nervous.  By the end of August, everyone has left for Athens or America and few people are left behind.  They say the winter is hard here and the fall brings a lot of rain.  It’s hard to believe that things can be so drastically different from what I have experienced for the past three weeks.  I haven’t seen one cloud or felt one drop of rain.  The sun always shine and the people always smile.  There are plenty of people at the beaches and the platia is always full in the evenings.  I don’t want to think about the isolation that lies ahead.  For now, I just enjoy every minute of day.

Here are a few photos of the views I see regularly in “my” village.  Some are of the harbor, some are of where we swim and where we eat; and some are of where I sit to read, add to my blog, or study Greek.  And some are of those I love!

One comment on “Around Karavostamo

  1. Elisse says:

    love all the pics!

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