Greek Dancing (yes, again…)

What would a child’s life be without some sort of structured activity?  Even in Ikaria we were able to find that!  Every Saturday morning for the past eight months Elias and Rea have been taking Greek dance lessons in the community hall of Evdilos.  Somedays they went willingly.  Other days they complained.  But they went.  And they learned dozens of new dances and perfected the ones they knew when they arrived.  Well, the two they knew before they arrived.  This past Sunday there was a Mother’s Day Celebration in the platia of the village of Frandato.  Rea was excited to do the performance for the crowd, but Elias was so-s0.  He did get excited afterward when he heard his friend’s mother say that his grandfather had just seen them on TV.  Live TV in Ikaria.  Who knew?

Here is a very short video clip of one of the dances.

5 comments on “Greek Dancing (yes, again…)

  1. Aunt Stella says:

    Hi Jackie
    The video wouldn’t play for said…video is private. I loved the pictures. Elias sure
    looked thrilled to be there as any teenager would! They can really show up their friends
    and teach them when they get home. You all have so many memories. Thankfully you
    have kept good “notes” of all you have done. I am sure you will leave with some sadness
    along with the joy of going home again. We missed you for Easter dinner.
    Love and Kisses to all of you.

  2. penny bouris says:

    Looks good, I just watched it…

  3. Felicia mayo says:

    Looks great!

  4. Enjoyed the dancing. Loved the hat Elias was wearing in the one picture. I saw Zach standing on the side lines

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