And life goes on.

The last few days in Ikaria were very emotional.  It was difficult to balance such opposing feelings-the sadness of leaving compared with the excitement of returning home.  Our friends in the village had a surprise party in the platia for the children a few days before we left, and our friends in America had a party for us a few days after we arrived home.  We are fortunate to now have two homes.

The morning of July 11th we loaded up the car, left the village and started our 25 hour journey home.  As we walked out of the village we pinned this letter (the Greek version) to the bulletin board.

Just a few of the faces we will miss…

..and a few of the daily sites of Ikaria.

And now that we are home, we have traded one for the other….

The Roads

The View

The Vehicles

The Super Markets

Our Friends

We are truly blessed to now have parea in two countries.
Thank you to the Ikarians for allowing us to be part of Karavostamo,
and thank you to our American friends for welcoming us back with such love and joy.
And a special thank you to all of you who followed us along our journey, supported us, sent us emails, commented on the blog, “skyped” us, fed my husband, cared for my pets, and sent us your love across the miles.


8 comments on “And life goes on.

  1. Aunt Stella says:

    You truly are Blessed…so very lucky to have so many friends. Welcome Home!
    Love to all

  2. penny bouris says:

    A beautiful finish to a wonderful blog!

  3. Debbie Brooks says:

    Welcome home, Jackie!

    Sent from my iPad

  4. roula cochran says:

    Glad you got home safely.
    Ι can imagine Chri’s delight to have you all back home!
    what a lovely letter you wrote ( συγκινηθηκα )
    keep in touch
    Roula x

  5. Molly Duffy says:

    Welcome home! I am so happy and sad for you. But mostly happy!

  6. Μαρινα Δελημητσου says:

    You are part of our lives.We miss you!!!

  7. bingo789 says:

    Have a wonderful summer in America Jackie. Im sorry you won’t be in Ikaria when we go in August but ‘m glad we have met you. Maybe next year? xx

  8. bingo789 says:

    That was me, Laura (Roula’s daughter) by the way! xx

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